business-formation-lawyersAt the Start-Up Line // Business Formation

As a firm that’s helped hundreds of new entities get their start, our passion for young companies rivals that of our clients themselves. We love the energy of start-ups—we thrive on it—and, somewhat selfishly, we like to spend a lot of time with them. Our philosophy is to go big on education from the very beginning, helping new businesses learn the stuff that most firms refuse to teach them. And that’s time we don’t charge for. (We know, crazy.)

We also believe a fully customized experience is key because every business is different—not every client needs a Delaware C-corp with a founder’s agreement and accompanying ESOP, for instance. That’s why we typically provide a couple of complementary 1–2-hour meetings to learn everything about you—your vision, your budget and your business—before we make any recommendations.

business-formation-lawyersRent a Lawyer // Hourly General Counsel

Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time general counsel. And even those with deeper pockets don’t always have a need for one. The majority of our clients get the greatest value from occasional guidance: identifying issues; discussing pending legal matters; and prioritizing their needs. So, to provide what we feel offers the most possible flexibility and convenience, our attorneys are available for hire on an hourly basis.

You might be thinking, “An hourly general counsel? There’s no way they’ll be able to help me if they hardly know me!” Whoa, whoa, whoa. Modus is different. We provide an opportunity to get your legal house in order while also building an ongoing relationship with one of our attorneys. Together, we can help you pinpoint legal issues before they become a problem, so you can be more proactive versus reactive.

business-formation-lawyersBuy. Sell. Transact. // Mergers and Acquisitions

Okay, so you worked your tail off and now you are getting a wad of cash (hopefully) to prove it. Or maybe you are still working your tail off and you want to grow your business through acquisition, merger or some other strategic arrangement. These types of transactions come complete with all kinds of considerations, like deciding to structure them as mergers, asset sales or stock sales, plus the consideration of promissory notes, escrows and/or “earn-outs.”

Regardless of if you’re the buyer or the seller, we will work with you to create a clear roadmap of the process involved in your specific situation. We can advise you from the Letter of Intent to the final payment in order to alleviate your stress and make things go surprisingly smoothly. Just think about it.

business-formation-lawyersTaking Care of Business // Corporate Law

Most law firms purposely overcomplicate things so clients become dependent on their advice. We think that’s dusty, old-world thinking (cough, cough). Modus aims to simplify the legal process and provide affordable, high quality corporate law services so you can stick to what you do best while we handle the compliance, contractual and other legal concerns.

Hey, this stuff can creep up on even the smartest entrepreneurs, so we’re here for you exactly when you need us. Look to Modus for everything from employee issues, NDAs and independent contractor agreements to intellectual property concerns, investor matters and deadbeats who aren’t paying on time. We’ll hook you up with the legal know-how you need stay on top of things and prioritize how to spend your hard-earned capital most wisely.

business-formation-lawyersProtecting the Invisible // Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is that special kind of legal topic that tends to make people’s heads spin just a bit faster than others. Believe us, we get it. Protect something you can’t even see can seem pretty ambiguous, but we promise it’s not as daunting as it sounds. In fact, we can help you take some very simple steps to protect your IP “portfolio” from day one.

First things first, we can ensure your company name is all yours. While you may be able to register one with the Secretary of State, that doesn’t always mean the name can be used in commerce. Quite often, someone else may already have that name or a variation of it protected. We’re also experts in trademarks, trade secrets, NDAs, IP transfer agreements, privacy policies, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and all kinds of other IP-related issues.

business-formation-lawyersWe’ll See You In Court // Litigation

Courtrooms. Judges. Arbitration.  Mediation. Disputes. Prosecution. Cases. Lawsuits. Feeling overwhelmed yet? Seriously, don’t be. Modus attorneys have seen their share of commercial litigation matters, and it would be our pleasure to expertly handle yours too. Our case management game is strong, and you can bet we’ll not only adhere to your budget and goals, but we’ll also keep you in the loop every step of the way. Love that communication.

We’ve represented clients before mediators, arbitrators, trial courts, and appellate courts for matters of every shape and size. Commercial contract disputes, landlord and tenant matters, breaches of warranty, fraud, insurance coverage, investor and owner disputes and application of non-competition agreements—you name it, we’ve got it covered.

We bet you’re pretty curious as to who’s actually doing all the work.