Kait’s Story

If your labor and employment game could use a little extra muscle, look no further than Kait. This woefully well-traveled attorney joined Modus fresh off the heels of an in-house counsel gig at a technology start-up where she was both the legal and HR departments. Just her. And yeah, she took care of business. Kait advised the company during its scale-up phase and handled everything from insurance to investor relations, recruitment to retention, and biz dev to accounting. Needless to say, she wore a lot of hats. We like her cowboy one best.

Kait hails from Chicago and has been in Colorado for four years, but she calls “the globe” her home. She’s a self-proclaimed nomad who’s studied and lived in Greece, Turkey, Spain and Australia, and worked or traveled to Kenya, Tanzania, Portugal, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ireland, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and New Zealand. And if Kait’s not making employment issues beg for mercy, she’s probably on a road trip with her husband and rescue pup…wearing some other hat.

Her Skills

  • Workplace and Labor Issues

  • Employer/Employee Ops for Entrepreneurs

  • Governance and Corporate Housekeeping

  • Outside General Counsel

  • Cinephile Status