Dave DiGiacomo’s Story

Dave is a bona fide Colorado guy in every sense of the words. Since he missed his calling to be an old-west cowboy—born just a couple centuries too late—this skilled, entrepreneurial-minded attorney is the more modern kind of mountain man. He’s a Colorado native, University of Colorado Law School graduate (JD and MBA) and a hero to growing companies as they climb their way to the summits of success. Got enough mountain references in there for you? Good.

Dave has two start-ups under his own belt (hypothetically with a big, brassy belt buckle if we’re keeping with the western theme), and he thrives on helping others overcome every challenge in the book. While in school, he was the Director of Deal Flow for the Deming Center Venture Fund and an Editor for the Colorado Technology Law Journal. And prior to joining Modus, Dave helped launch the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network of Colorado to support Colorado’s late-stage, high-growth companies.

His Skills

  • Real Estate

  • Business Formation

  • Investors and Capital

  • Outside General Counsel

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Love for camping, cycling and being all outdoorsy-like

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