Amy’s Story

Let’s look at Amy by the numbers, shall we? 2002: the year she earned her paralegal certificate. 8: years working in corporate law, estate planning and administration. 6: months spent landscaping her backyard learning that she should stick to her day job. Infinity: value she brings
to Modus with her uncommon talent for drafting, filing and managing legal documents, and her love for the office pups.

Amy graduated summa cum laude from CU Denver with a degree in business administration. She came to us as a master of getting things done thanks to years of experience with corporate matters, operating agreements, estate plans and more. But just because she’s a paperwork pro doesn’t mean this femme legale won’t get her hands dirty. In fact, she was once a landman (well, landwoman) who prepared and tracked well proposals for an oil and gas operator, and that’s justthe start of her adventurous nature. 4: rivers rafted. 3: pets at home. 0: desire to ever leave
Colorado. She’s a native, after all.

Her Skills

  • Coordinating New Business Formations

  • Assisting with Corporate Drafting

  • Managing Documents

  • Business Maintenance and Filings

  • Going Full Bobby Flay When Cooking & Entertaining