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Here at Modus Law – we care about our clients. So much so, that we’ll drive down to the Art District in Denver in rush hour traffic to drink awesome beer at The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project on a Tuesday.

Founder, Ben, finished his JD/MBA at the University of Indiana and moved out here to help his friend from back home in Indy, Andrew, start the brewery.

Ben showed us around the place and told us how his now business partner, Andrew, after traveling the world, had come to Colorado for a career in archeology, but instead, stopped shaving his beard, starting brewing beer, and a brewer was born. This is what Colorado does to you…

We enjoyed the “Intrepid Bear,” a Chardonnay-Barrel-Aged Imperial Saison, the Chamomile Hefe-Wit, and the Nitro Dry Irish Stout; several times over. For a full list of offerings, check out their worldly-inspired beer menu.

We even tried our hand at Trivia Night. Ben told us it was customary to pick a dirty name for our team. We followed his advice, though no one else seemed to follow that rule. Awkward. Thanks, Ben.

Trivia Time: Thanks to Geeks Who Drink, we are testing your trivia knowledge with the following doozy:

“Way before she hooked up with Ron Burgandy, what actress totally didn’t tell her mom the babysitter was dead?”

Scroll to the end to see if you’re right. Either way, stop by any Tuesday for trivia and unique brews. As your lawyers, it would be unethical for us to advise you in this matter, but as your friends, we’re telling you, you gotta give it a try.

If you need any beer recommendations or legal advice, feel free to contact us by all the usual means: phone, email, or carrier pigeon.

Thanks for tuning in. If you liked this, check out more of the Modus Law blog and event postings.

Best from,

The Modus Law Team

Trivia Answer: Christina Applegate

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