If you’ve ever heard of the Werkbund, and we’ll be beyond impressed if you have, you can get a pretty good idea of what we’re all about. The Werkbund was a German, turn-of-the-last-century group that fought tirelessly to bring modernity, simplicity and affordability into product design. They saw the power of technology and education to build beautiful things—things that would last and endure in their elegance.

This is the muse of Modus.

Our firm wasn’t founded on the names of our partners. Instead, it was made to pursue a method—or “a modus” if you will—that’s based in what works, not in what someone once said way back when. In the law firm world where feigned complexity is put on a pedestal, we’re here to challenge the status quo and demystify the practice of law with transformative legal services for entrepreneurs.

That’s the why. And here’s the how.


Let’s Talk Business

It all begins with “Nice to meet you.” We’ll sit down, discuss the ins and outs of what’s going on with your business and see if we click. We’re not opposed to having a beer while we do it either.

meet_modus meet_modus

Place Your Order

What you choose to do is up to you, and we’re not going to sell you on services that you don’t need. That wouldn’t be very Modus of us.


What You See Is What You Can Get

We’ll create a menu of the things you should do right now, the things you should probably do soon, and the things you might just want to keep on your radar. Each item will include a description that’s written in your own language (no convoluted law talk), plus the cost to get it done and the date of when we can complete it. Think we’re bluffing about being this transparent? Read the actual Ethics and Values Agreement that everyone on our team has to sign before beginning work at Modus. That’ll show you.

meet_modus meet_modus

Get Engaged

Once we’re hired, we’ll send you your engagement letter online and get this partnership started. In fact, in the spirit of efficiency, we’ll send all documents and invoices electronically using web-based programs that every computer can understand.


To The Cloud

Doing things behind the scenes isn’t our scene. We’ll give you access to our cloud-based project management software so you can watch our progress in real time. You can view project descriptions, progress notes, budgets, hours spent and more.


Let’s Do This Thing

This part’s pretty simple. We’ll work on your projects and get them done on time and on budget. We never want you to lose sleep over legal matters. That’s our job.


On Your Radar

Remember those “keep it on your radar” items we recommended in our initial menu of services? Or how about new upcoming requirements that you may not even know to ask about? We’ll keep you informed, offering reminders and suggestions for what’s next moving forward.

If we could pick one word to describe us, it would be Modus. Obviously. But if we could pick four, our core values would top the list.


You will understand what we’re doing and what things cost.
Confusion is garbage.


We use technology and common sense to make the most of any budget.


Knowledge is the best investment you can make in yourself or we can make in you.


Are we adding value? If yes: we keep going. If no: we stop, we think and we fix it.