Law doesn’t need to be as complicated as some firms make it out to be.

Modus is deconstructing the delivery of law for entrepreneurs.GET TO KNOW US

Business Formation

We help start-ups get educated and get on the path to a successful venture by getting down and dirty right along with you.

Hourly General Counsel

On-staff lawyers are expensive. Hire our pros to identify issues and prioritize your legal needs on just the right occasions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re buying, selling or both, we help make the whole process as productive as possible.

Corporate Law

While you focus on what you do well, we take care of the legal needs that could make or break your company.

Intellectual Property

Protect what’s yours and what nobody else can see. Trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, privacy policies—we got this.


Commercial litigation case? Our attorneys can help you handle it in court. And we respect your goals and budget while we’re at it.

Social Enterprise

Tailored Legal Solutions for Social Enterprise. We are honored to assist your company in maximizing its impact. We agree, the future belongs to social entrepreneurs.

Real Estate

Avoid bordering legal issues surrounding a lease, purchase or sale. Offload the paperwork to our attorneys who specialize in closing complex real estate agreements.

Employment Law

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We help employers and entrepreneurs navigate complex issues surrounding employment law.

We speak and work in a language you can understand.

Modus / mo.dus/ Flexible law by design. A method for doing good work simply.

what we stand for


We’ve got nothing to hide. And why should we? You’re our partner in this, so we keep all communication, time estimates, agreements, project progress and pricing out in the open.


Unlike many firms, our team is not rewarded on the basis of billable hours. We use digital means to deliver value and responsiveness without wasting your time and money.


We believe in demystifying the legal process for our clients and not charging extra for it either. Understanding is essential, so we invest in your brain just as much as your goals.


Consider this: If what we’re doing isn’t adding value to your life or business, why do it at all? At Modus, we strive to approach every situation with care, empathy and thought.

the modus.

You’re the architect who built a beautiful business. We’re just the electricians who make sure everything’s working right.


Here is how we get stuff done.EXPLORE OUR PROCESS

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